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Life Mentoring - 30 Minutes

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    Life mentoring is available for existing clients who have had a reading with Laura typically within in the past six months.*

    Some call it Soul Coaching, others Life Mentoring--PoTAto, POtato...when you need a different type of support, help is help, and Laura is here.

    Life mentoring is for personal growth: selfgrowth, spiritual growth, growing intuitive abilities, learning self-love, healing self esteem issues, body issues, relationship issues, break-ups, child rearing, growing a business, dealing with a crisis, overcoming a health challenge, etc. You name it!

    Laura creates a space where you get support, encouragement, clarification, and a high level of accountability.

    Life mentoring differs from a reading in that you won't find contact with loved ones on the Other Side, psychic readings, predictions for outcomes or for other's behavior, past life work, information on your guides, your life purpose, totems and more. All those things are welcome in a private reading.

    In Life Mentoring, we focus on YOU...together. You will have homework that you are responsible for. Just like an athlete training for an event---you will be the one doing the heavy lifting and conditioning while your mentor/coach helps design your training plan and guide you through your journey to your goal...pulling out the best in you.

    *If it's been more than six months since your last reading and you’ve hit a speed bump and need some life mentoring/coaching, call the office at 866-897-1504 and speak to a staff member.

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    1. Thank you Laura

      You helped me through a life change. I knew I needed help, and didn't even know where to get it from. This option really helped me launch my business, get the office organized, employees hired. I gave birth to the next chapter of my life with a great mentor by my side! Wonderful! on Mar 13, 2014

    2. Gratitude

      This service helped me through a rough patch. Thank you on Mar 13, 2014

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