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Bach Flower Counseling

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    Bach Flower Essences help you move into a balanced state of emotional well-being.
    They are one of the most widely-used forms of energetic healing around the world.

    They're safe, non-toxic, and non-habit forming.

    This successful method of vibrational healing works on adults, children, animals and plants.

    A 15-minute phone consultation is scheduled so that Laura can tune in to your emotional state and address areas where you would like help. Because of her gifts as a psychic and channel for healing, these sessions move very quickly.

    Along with dosing instructions and tips for successful use, your phone consult concludes with a customized list of Bach Flower Essence remedies recommended to help you into a stronger state of emotional balance. You can then purchase the remedies on your list from us separately, or on your own from your local health food store.

    To schedule your appointment or for more information, contact the office at 866-897-1504.

    Please note: If you feel you need more time and life assistance, it is suggested to book a reading or a life mentoring.*
    *Life Mentoring is available to previous clients who have had a reading in the past 6 months.

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    1. Super working!

      I’ve followed your advice, Bach Remedies and all...and I feel better! It’s super working!

      on Jun 16, 2015

    2. Very pleased

      I’m very pleased with how well I’m doing since we last spoke.

      on Jun 16, 2015

    3. I'm a believer!

      My husband started using the Bach Flower Essence Remedies Laura suggested recently and I noticed a change within just a few days! Before remedies, he was angry, closed-off, and unhappy. Since starting the remedies she recommended, he has been more open, talkative, and just plain happy. He is getting back to his normal self without the need of pharmaceutical drugs. I was hesitant to purchase the remedies because I doubted their ability...boy was I wrong! I am a believer that with regular use, he will continue to develop even more positive results. Thank you Laura! on Sep 16, 2014

    4. Calmer

      Using the Bach remedies we talked about has made me less stressed! Thanx on Mar 14, 2014

    5. Wow!

      I've used these before although it was a bit haphazardly and I didn't really have the certainty of how. Having someone like you who is so experienced in them assisting me and helping made a big shift in my results with Bach. This was a great decision and investment, one that has paid off well for me. Many blessings and thanks! on Mar 14, 2014

    6. Helped a lot

      The remedies you advised for our situation worked. I really believe things began to shift immediately. We've been using them for several months now, and are in a much better place. Thank you! on Mar 14, 2014

    7. Success!

      It's been a few weeks now on the remedies and I am definitely seeing progress in all directions. Thank you for all your advice and support! on Mar 14, 2014

    8. from confusion to clarity

      Thank you Laura, for sorting through my mess and helping me to understand with laser focus what needed to be done with the remedies. I knew consulting you would help and it was even better than I'd hoped. Your office treated me with TLC from start to finish. I will be getting the remedies today and look forward to feeling like myself again. I know it is possible. Regards, on Mar 13, 2014

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